My clients often tell me how daunting it is in the lead-up to their first-ever photoshoot. On top of this, you have a new baby and are juggling being new parents and learning all about what your baby needs and wants. The goal, for me, is to make sure that every family I work with feels at ease, relaxed, and enjoys the experience of their newborn photoshoot.

Let me take you through exactly what to expect in the lead-up to newborn photography Rose Bay with Daniella Photography.

When to Book

The best time to book your newborn photos Rose Bay is in your second trimester. I book up months in advance and often cannot accommodate last-minute newborn photoshoots. Get in touch as soon as you can and I will mark your due date in my calendar. That way, no matter whether your baby is early, late or on time, we will be able to schedule your photoshoot in within the first two weeks of birth. I only take a limited number of due dates each month which allows me to have this kind of flexibility.

Plan what to wear

Once the baby comes you will be tired and busy spending quality time with your new little family. If you can, I would recommend having a look at the what-to-wear guide I will send you before bub arrives or you can also read my blog about "What to Wear in a Newborn Photoshoot". That way you can think about what dress you would like to borrow from my ladies' client wardrobe or plan ahead for what you would like to wear. You can order any clothes for your partner and other children too and just be ready to go on the day of your shoot.

Did you know that as a newborn family photography double bay I have a huge range of dresses available for you to borrow in my client wardrobe? These are all included as part of your session. Most mums pick 2-3 dresses for me to bring with to your newborn photos and that way you can try them on before we start and choose which one to wear. I have thoughtfully curated this wardrobe for all sizes, and body types and with new mums in mind so that you can look and feel amazing.

Newborn Photography Sydney

Let me know when bub is born

Once you are all booked in, all you need to do now is sit back and relax… Or… you may want to consider booking in a complimentary maternity photoshoot in with any newborn package booked. Once your baby is born, please let me know via text or email and we will lock in a weekday time for me to come to your home for your newborn photography Vaucluse.

Getting ready on the day of your newborn photoshoot Sydney

  1. Get yourself ready by doing natural hair and makeup. You want to look and feel like yourself so keep it nice and relaxed.
  2. Plan to start feeding your baby 45 minutes before I arrive. Swaddle your baby and have them ready in their nappy so that I can dress them in the gorgeous range of newborn clothes I have especially for you to use.
  3. Turn up the heating and close the windows in your home so that it is nice and warm. Often your baby will be wearing clothes that show lots of skin during their photoshoot. A nice warm home will mean that they stay sleepy and comfortable throughout the photoshoot.
  4. If you have older children, we can capture a few shots of newborn photos with the siblings to create heartwarming memories. Make sure they have had a snack before I arrive. You can prepare them by explaining that a friendly lady is coming to take newborn photos of them, and it will be lots of fun – one of the best ways to get them excited is to tell them I have tickly fingers who like to make them laugh and wiggle.
  5. Relax and take in this special time in your lives.

The Newborn Photoshoot

Newborn Photography Sydney

Once I arrive I will take a look around your home and scout out the best spots for photos. I will look at lighting, background, and furniture when making this decision. I work in a huge range of homes from tiny apartments to big houses, so no matter where you live, just trust that I have the experience to make your Newborn photography Double Bay absolutely beautiful.

I will show you all the tiny newborn outfits to choose from and help you select something you love for your new baby. I will dress, swaddle, and soothe your baby so that they are in a nice deep sleep. All you need to do is sit back and relax.

Once we are ready to start I will show you have I want you to cuddle your baby or hold them and I will begin capturing these magical moments.

Usually, most babies will sleep for the duration of the photoshoot. Many will need a top-up feed in the middle of the session and there is no rush, there is always time to make sure your baby is calm and settled.

My favorite part of every newborn family photoshoot is seeing how your tiny baby fits into your arms. Capturing the way you look at them when they snuggle right into you. The way you look at their face and realize that they are yours. Made from you, by you, and for you to enjoy and love forever. These moments are priceless, and I pinch myself every day at how lucky I am to be able to capture them for you!

To book your newborn photos, get in touch with me at or call me on 0433 881 616.

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