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There are so many firsts when having a new baby. You go on the fastest pace crash course you have ever been on. When clients come to me for the first time, they often do not know what to ask or what to expect from the process of a newborn photoshoot. So, I thought I would write about so that you know exactly what to expect.

When you first find out you are pregnant it is a mixture of nerves and excitement! It can be overwhelming too! You need to work out where you want to have the baby. Will you use midwifes or a Doctor? What should or shouldn’t you be eating? What should you be expecting to feel over the next few weeks and months? The last thing on most people's minds is a photoshoot. This is why, I recommend waiting until the start of the second trimester to book in your newborn photography Sydney.

  1. I recommend browsing through different newborn photographers in Sydney portfolios and choosing the photographer based on the style you most connect with. Once you get in touch with a photographer such as myself, you will be sent all the pricing and package info as well as some of the information about the photoshoot and ordering process that will follow.

If you are also interested in an outdoor maternity photoshoot, let me know as I offer complimentary maternity photoshoot session fees with every newborn session booked.

Maternity Photography Sydney
  • To book, you will need to pay the session fee deposit, sign the contract and fill in a short questionnaire about your family to help me get to know you. I will then mark your due date down in my diary. This allows me to make sure we capture the photoshoot within the first 2 weeks after the baby is born no matter whether they come on time, early or late.
  • I will also email you the what-to-wear guide where you can see examples of all the client wardrobe dresses on offer as part of your newborn photography Sydney. You can also start to plan and think about outfits for the rest of the family from the inspiration in the guide so that you don’t have to stress about its last minute with a newborn in tow. Checkout my blog about "What to Wear in a Newborn Photoshoot" for a guide.
  • Once you have your baby, simply email or text me asap so that I can lock in a time for your newborn photos Sydney. I will then send you instructions on how to get ready for your photoshoot e.g. when to feed your baby before I arrive and how to prepare your home.
  • The photoshoot itself is relaxed and natural. The goal is to capture unique newborn photos that show the real essence and heart of your family. The session itself is relaxed for you. All you need to do is to cuddle your baby and follow the simple instructions I will give you. The feedback all my clients give me at the end is “Wow! That was so easy!”.
  • After the photoshoot I will start the vigorous process of culling your photos. There is no reason to be dumped with hundreds of photos at the end of a photoshoot that is either very similar or unflattering. Maybe you are looking away or blinking in some, or maybe some just aren’t as good when compared to others. This is part of the process that we take very seriously as we know that it adds a lot of value to your finished product. I generally try to narrow the photos down to around 70-80 final newborn photos.
Newborn Photography Sydney
  • Once I have selected these, I send them off to my incredibly talented editor who will perform colour correction and editing on the photographs. This involves applying my preset that I have worked hard to develop, tweaking it to suit the lighting at your particular photoshoot and the using a pen tool to brighten up certain parts of the face or photo to optimal lighting. She will also crop the photos for the perfect composition and make sure they just pop!
  • As soon as the photos are ready, I will post a sneak peek on Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to share these with friends but please always remember to tag me when sharing the photos. Not only is it a piece of artwork that I have created, but it will be spreading the word about my small business and helping me grow!
  • We will set up a time for your design consultation on zoom. This is a 1-hour call with you and your partner where you get to see a beautiful slideshow of all the photographs and then choose which photographs you would like to order. The amazing software I use also lets us design an album and wall art so you can see exactly what it will look like!

2. Once your order has been paid for, I will send you your high-resolution digital files to download and order your artwork from my suppliers. Once it has been ordered, no changes can be made to the order.

3. The last and best step in the newborn photography process is hanging your artwork on the walls and enjoying it every day. Unlike most materialistic objects, I can assure you that the value of your artwork will only grow time and as your baby grows into a child and then a teenager, these memories will be more and more precious to you.

If you would like to book a Newborn Photoshoot in Sydney with me, please get in touch via WhatsApp on the left or contact me here.

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