What to Wear in a Newborn Photoshoot

Well, the day has finally arrived, and your family just got a whole lot bigger - congrats! The first few weeks with your new baby is a whirlwind of emotions and new experiences. There is so much to learn and adjust to, but also so much to enjoy and remember. This special stage in your life is going to fly by faster than you can believe and your memories of these first few weeks will fade. A newborn photoshoot is the perfect way to freeze time by capturing those giant yawns, tiny fingers and precious cuddles. Capturing a newborn photo session will be like bottling up pure magic, the photographs will be treasured forever. 

But here’s the deal: before you get caught up in the cuteness overload, a little prep goes a long way! Particularly when planning newborn photo session outfits. Your newest family member is calling the shots, and timing can be a bit… well, unpredictable. So, while you are navigating the world of sleep, schedules and food on demand take a moment to think about what you may all want to wear for your photoshoot. The last thing you want is for the day of your photoshoot to arrive, and for you to be unprepared for the experience, and stressed about these details. Your newborn photoshoot is about celebrating your family and setting quality time aside to enjoy every minute of the experience whilst making new memories. The photos captured will always whisk you back to these early days whenever you need a heartwarming time travel fix. 

Follow along in this guide to help you get the most out of your upcoming Sydney newborn photoshoot.

New parents cuddling their baby wearing soft pastel colours.
A family of four and their dog cuddles on the couch for their newborn photoshoot. Wearing warm soft colours.

 Pre-Photoshoot Preparation: Talk To The Photographer

Once you’ve got that newborn photoshoot booked in with us, I will give you an important sneak peek behind the curtains to help your vision come to life. I will send you a nifty what to wear guide which is chock-full of inspiration from other families who have rocked their photoshoot attire. 

Oh, did I mention why going with Daniella Photography is like hitting the jackpot? Unlike other newborn photographers in Sydney, I come prepared with all the goodies - think a suitcase filled with adorable hand knitted baby clothes to over 20 magnificent dresses hand picked just for my clients. Trust me when I say it will be hard to choose!

Communication is key, and now is the time to let me know if you have a particular vision or special idea for your newborn photoshoot. Together we can sprinkle that magic to make it happen! Don’t forget that your baby and family are unique, and your photos should be a reflection of that charm. It may be that you are a musical family and want to incorporate your guitar and music into the photos. Maybe you have some heirloom items you want to use during your photography session. Whatever it is, please let me know so that I can start planning something truly unique for your photoshoot. 

That brings us to location. Your newborn photo shoot will be held at your home. It is the first home you will live in with your new baby, and no matter how big or small it is, that is significant. All I ask is that you do a general tidy and declutter particularly in the rooms with more natural light such as a bedroom and the living area. Don’t worry, I’ve got a knack for scouting out those perfect spots and I love finding interesting pockets of light throughout your home to use in the photos. If you’ve got a particular place in mind, spill the beans! We’ll make it work!

What to Wear in a Newborn Photoshoot?

A newborn baby asleep on his mother's chest. Curled up and photographed from the front.

Getting the styling right and coordinating what to wear for newborn family photos is so important. Picture this: your adorable baby, snug in an outfit that complements the chosen theme, and you, radiant parents, perfectly in sync with the aesthetic. It’s like the puzzle pieces of your family’s story falling perfectly into place. 
With the what to wear guide for newborn photos as your secret weapon, you will be able to transform your vision into a reality. The main goal is to match without being overly matchy matchy. You want to avoid colours that clash and choose a style that reflects your family and your home. It is a lot to think about and bring together, but don't forget that I am super hands on as your newborn photographer. You can call me or text me photos of your clothes at any time and I will be there to advise you on what looks best.

How to Dress Your Baby?

A newborn baby curled up in a white knitted onesie in his parents hands.

Over the years I have collected the most adorable collection of newborn clothes to lend to my clients at no extra cost during the newborn session. When searching for newborn clothes I follow a few simple rules:

1. Size Matters:

When considering the newborn photo session outfits it is important to choose something that perfectly fits your sweet baby. These photos are forever, and it is worth making sure that their clothing is not too big or too small. If the clothes are too big, they will end up swallowed up by their outfit, too small and they will look silly.

A newborn baby curled up with mums hands holding on to him. Wearing a plain cream onesie.

2. Comfort is everything:

Opt for a soft, breathable and stretchy fabric that’s gentle to the baby’s skin and feels cosy to wear. Babies are all about comfort, and a content baby means those heart-melting moments will come naturally. A lot of the rompers I use have no buttons and just slide on to the baby - this is next level comfort as it means I can easily dress them while they sleep without bothering them at all!

3. Simple is Stunning:

When it comes to newborn photography, less is often more. A simple onesie or a swaddle blanket can create an elegant and timeless look. Avoid bold and bright patterns, stripes and anything that will take the attention off your baby. When choosing clothing I also look at texture, some knitted rompers or fabrics can add that spark of interest without overly cluttering the photos with distractions.

A baby cuddled between his parents arms with sleepy eyes.

4. Go Timeless:

Consider choosing an outfit that won't date your photos. Classic colours like cream, whites and pastels are always a safe bet for creating a clean, sophisticated timeless look.

A newborn baby asleep on his tummy in a neutral coloured hand knitted onesie.

5. Accessorize Thoughtfully:

Adorable accessories like bonnets, headbands, a knot hat or cute socks can add a touch of personality to the outfit but BE CAREFUL! It is easy to overdo the accessories and take the attention off the baby e.g. a giant bow on their head. Remember you will be looking at these photos for the rest of your life so dont over do it.

Newborn baby asleep on her tummy with a big flower headband on her head. A balanced accesorie.

6. Consider Cultural Touches:

Incorporating a traditional or cultural outfit can add a personal and meaningful touch to the photoshoot. Please discuss this with me beforehand so I can help bring your vision to life. 

Remember, the star of the show is your adorable baby, so whatever outfit you choose, let your baby just be themselves so that we can capture natural and authentic photos of them.

What Should Mom Wear for Newborn Photos

A mother embracing and holding her first child and newborn baby.

The first step in choosing outfits for any newborn photoshoot is dressing mum! Always the hardest and most important outfit to get right as it sets the tone for the entire photoshoot. Here are some tips and ideas to help choose a newborn photo shoot outfit for mom:

1. Feel beautiful:

Your body has just undergone a huge amount of change, and looks very different to what you are used to. The goal with your newborn photos is to make sure that you feel absolutely beautiful. 

A mother holding her new baby in a sunlit room with her dog.

2. Flowy Dresses:

I have over 20 beautiful flowy dresses in my client wardrobe, selected to suit mums who have just given birth. They are not only comfortable but also add a touch of ethereal beauty to the photos. It also feels great to put on a new, designer dress after you have been up all night and probably don't feel your best. It completely transforms you. 

A mother and father holding their newborn baby. Mother is wearing a flowy dress.

3. Comfort is Key:

Make sure that the newborn photoshoot mom outfit you choose to wear makes you feel at ease and move naturally. You also want to feel like yourself, so stay true to what you know you love.

A new mom wearing jeans and a white shirt holding her baby comfortably.

4. Accessories:

Keep it simple. Delicate jewellery, won't be too distracting and will add a touch of elegance to the overall look of the photos. 

Remember, these photos are about capturing the essence of this beautiful journey you're on. When you're comfortable and confident in what you're wearing, it will shine through in your newborn photos.

Simple Outfit for Dad

A strong dad holding his new baby wearing a plain and simple shirt.

Of course, let's not forget about the newborn photoshoot outfit for parents, because dad’s can make a stylish contribution to the photoshoot too! Here's a handy guide on how he can rock a simple yet charming look:

1. Comfort is King:

Just like for mom and baby, comfort takes the lead for dad’s outfit. He should feel at ease and like himself in whatever he chooses to wear. This will help him to be in the moment and enjoy making new memories with his baby.

2. Classic Tones:

Neutral and muted colours like navy, beige, or soft greens work like a charm. Remember these need to complement mum's outfit and not be the same as her or it will all blend together.

Newborn photography Sydney

3. Shirt Choice:

Dad’s shirt choice is also very important during the photoshoot. Depending on dad, and the overall style and theme of the shoot dad can either go for a smarter collared shirt (but avoid the going to work look!), a linen shirt, or a more casual look with a plain Tshirt. In winter dads may even choose to wear pullover knitted or textured jumpers. 

The goal is to capture genuine moments and connections, and dad’s outfit should allow him to feel relaxed and ready to embrace the beautiful chaos that comes with newborn photography. With these tips, he will effortlessly complement the overall aesthetic, ensuring the spotlight remains on the love and bond your family shares.

A dad kissing his toddler and holding his newborn wearing an olive green linen shirt.

What Should Siblings Wear for the Newborn Photoshoot?

A baby girl cradled in her brothers arms as he smiles.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get asked is can my older children be included in the newborn photoshoot? My answer is always a big YES, of course! While I call the photoshoot a “newborn photo shoot”, it really is a family photo shoot with the focus on the new baby. In fact, I will insist that all children are included in the session. 

Here are some tips and ideas to help you choose clothing for sibling newborn photo outfits and create a harmonised and cohesive look that ties in with the overall theme of your shoot:

1. Coordinate, Don’t Match:

 Instead of dressing siblings in identical outfits, go for coordinated colours or complementary styles. Let their personality shine through!

A big sister embracing her little brother wearing coordinating warm colours.

2. Avoid overwhelming patterns: 

Opt for outfits with subtle patterns or solid colours to avoid drawing the eye in on the distracting clothing. 

3. Have fun: 

The best part of a newborn shoot is when I get a toddler dressed in tule and tutus, or dress up in shoes and tiaras. I want to capture the personality of your children, it adds character to the photos and will always take you back to the memories of this time.

Two sisters and their mom with their new baby brother.

4. Layers Add Depth:

Adding layers like a cute cardigan, suspenders or a vest can add depth to the outfits and make for adorable photo opportunities.

5. Shoes:

Shoes are not always necessary for newborn photoshoots in your home. For most people this is a relief as it's one less thing to worry about!

Remember, the aim is to capture the genuine interactions and emotions between the siblings and the new baby. The magic lies in the moments shared between your children, the outfits just add to the visual harmony.

What should I avoid wearing during the photoshoot?

Avoiding certain clothing choices when selecting your newborn photo session outfits can help ensure that the focus remains on the emotions and connections being captured during the newborn photography sessions. 

Here’s a list of what to avoid wearing:

  • Busy Patterns: Avoid clothing with large, busy patterns. Stripes are a big NO! These busy patterns will detract from the main subjects and the connections you share. 
  • Bright Neon Colours: These affect skin tones and cause colour casts, making the photos appear unnatural. 
  • Logos and Graphics: Avoid any clothing with prominent logos or graphics. 
  • Extreme Contrasts: Avoid stark contrasts between your outfits as it will also take the attention off the emotion we are trying to capture. 
  • Overly trendy styles: While trendy outfits might look great now, they might feel dated in a few years time. Opt for classic and timeless styles that you will love looking at for many years to come. 
newborn photography capturing a new baby sleeping on her big sisters chest

Summary - What to wear for a Newborn Photos

Choosing what to wear for newborn photos involves thoughtful choices to capture cherished moments. Remember to choose outfits that reflect you, that you feel comfortable and natural in. Coordinate but don't match and pick a colour palette that is timeless and simple. Avoid busy patterns, logos and graphics at all costs! Ultimately, embrace cohesion, personal style and classic looks to ensure the spotlight remains on the love and emotion shared by your growing family.

Newborn photography Sydney


A newborn baby curled up in fetal position on his back.

From capturing those candid giggles to orchestrating the perfect poses, I am here every step of the way to help you coordinate and select the perfect clothing choices for your family. Remember, once you book, my comprehensive what to wear guide for newborn photos will be there to inspire you. The best part is that I come with so many wardrobe options I have purchased just for my clients to borrow and use, so you wont need to run to the shops 500 times trying to coordinate the whole family. So rest easy and watch your vision unfold before your eyes. 

Your newborn photoshoot is all about you, your family, and the enchanting story you're weaving, one frame at a time. The result? A gallery of photos where every frame tells a story that is uniquely yours - a story that speaks a thousand words and will stand the test of time. Trust me, when you see the final product, you will be glad you put in the extra thought to ensure your family shines in perfect harmony. 

Ready to transform fleeting moments into timeless memories? Reach out to us now and let's create magic together. 

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