Ever wondered how much of a difference the right outfits can make in your family photos? Spoiler alert: it's a game-changer! Planning the perfect outfits for your family photoshoot session? I've got your back! As a family photographer and mom of three, I totally get the juggle of coordinating everyone's looks. It's a real-life puzzle, considering patterns, textures, colours, and making sure everyone feels comfy. I've been in your shoes, wondering, "What on earth should we wear?" Well, worry not! I've got some fantastic family photo outfit ideas to make this process a breeze. Together, we can turn your family photos into cherished memories, and it all starts right here. Let's dive into some fun and practical outfit choices that'll capture your family's unique vibe.

Seasonal Selections

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Living in Sydney, Australia means embracing a kaleidoscope of climates, right? So, let's talk about the seasonal style for your family photoshoot. For those scorching Aussie summers, think light fabrics and breezy dresses – flowy and fabulous! Cottons and linens are your best mates when the sun is shining. Now, when the cool breeze starts to roll in, we've got you covered too. Think cosy layers – perhaps some cute sweaters or stylish jackets. The key is to strike that perfect balance between staying comfortable and looking picture-perfect. So, whether it's a beachside summer shoot or a cosy winter session, I've got seasonal outfit ideas that'll suit your family's style and the Aussie weather. Let's make sure your outfits complement the season and the smiles.

Summer Styles: 

1. Breezy Bliss

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Embrace the summer vibes with lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen. Opt for flowy dresses and shorts in pastel hues that capture the essence of warm, sun-kissed days in your summer family pictures. Coordinated floral patterns or subtle stripes add a touch of playful charm, creating a fresh and relaxed look perfect for those radiant family snapshots.

2. Coastal Cool

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We all know and love Sydney’s beaches, why not embrace them with a photoshoot of your family at the beach splashing and playing around in the water. You can choose to wear swimmers, incorporate surf boards and get right in, or embrace some flowy lightweight fabrics and colours.

3. Splash of Fun

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For a playful twist, consider dressing the kids in adorable dungarees, some with cheerful patterns that scream summer joy. Mum can steal the spotlight in a long, flowy dress – perfect for those dreamy, sun-soaked moments. And why not add a splash of adventure? Capture the magic as the family gets wet in the water, creating candid and unforgettable memories. This ensemble blends comfort with a carefree spirit, ensuring your summer photoshoot is a celebration of laughter and love.

4. Sunset Chic

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Transition seamlessly from a sunny day to a balmy evening with this ensemble that's equal parts stylish and comfortable. As the weather starts to cool down, add a touch of flair with accessories like beanies and hats. Introduce darker hues, perhaps a checkered top, for a subtle contrast that adds depth to your family's look. Keep the summery vibes alive with bare feet and shorts, ensuring everyone stays cosy and cool. This versatile outfit choice is perfect for capturing the golden hues of a summer sunset, creating a picturesque scene that mirrors the warmth of your family bonds.

5. Vibrant Splash

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Inject a burst of energy into your summer photoshoot by going bright and bold with vibrant summer colours and playful swimwear. Let the kids express their personalities with eye-catching patterns and hues that radiate joy. This is your cue to embrace the fun side of summer – let the little ones run around, hold sticks, and jump over waves. The result? Candid and lively moments that perfectly capture the essence of your family's dynamic spirit. So, grab those beach towels (another chance for a cute accessory!) and get ready for a photoshoot filled with laughter, love, and a whole lot of vibrant memories!

Winter Warmth: 

1. Cosy Layers

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Embrace the chill in the air with cosy layers that not only keep you warm but also add depth to your winter family pictures. Think earthy tones like rich browns, deep greens, and warm burgundies for a sophisticated yet natural look. Experiment with textures – chunky knits, faux fur, and woollen scarves – to create a visual feast. These layered outfits not only exude warmth but also capture the essence of togetherness, making your winter photoshoot a celebration of love in every snug detail.

2. Winter Woodland

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Step into a winter wonderland with family outfits inspired by the enchanting hues of nature. Dress the family in earthy tones like mossy greens and rustic browns, mirroring the winter landscape. Opt for warm, textured fabrics like flannel shirts, cable-knit sweaters, and comfortable jeans for a stylish yet snug ensemble. Whether you're hanging out in the winter sun in the park or enjoying a hot chocolate session at home, these outfits will make your winter family photos feel like a cosy adventure in the heart of the woods.

3. Fireside Casual

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Capture the cosiness of winter evenings with casual, yet stylish, outfits. Choose neutral tones like warm browns and soft creams for a relaxed vibe. Cosy sweaters, denim jeans, and ankle boots create a laid-back look perfect for family gatherings in Sydney’s crisp winter. This ensemble radiates comfort and warmth, making your winter photoshoot a celebration of the simple joys of togetherness.

4. Urban Winter

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Take a city-chic approach to winter fashion with sleek and modern outfits. Experiment with dark tones like charcoal and deep navy, paired with stylish accessories. Trench coats, leather boots, and fashionable hats can add a touch of urban flair to your family photos. This ensemble is perfect for a winter shoot, in the park, or maybe, soak up some of that winter sun on one of Sydney’s awesome beaches!

5. Knit Bliss

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Embrace the winter chill with a focus on cosy textures and stylish layers. Dress the family in chunky knit jumpers, cardigans, and cable-knit scarves for a look that's both trendy and toasty. Experiment with rich, deep colours like merlot and forest green to add warmth to the winter palette. To elevate the ensemble, introduce a subtle pattern into the mix, creating a harmonious blend of comfort and style. This knitwear-inspired outfit is perfect for a winter photoshoot, capturing the essence of snuggly family moments with a touch of fashionable flair.

Coordinated Colour Palettes

Embarking on the journey of crafting a coordinated color scheme for your family photoshoot is both an art and a game-changer. Here, I'll be your guide through the intricacies of selecting hues that not only complement each other but also enhance the photos. My go-to advice is to choose 3-5 colours for a harmonious look. While neutrals and soft tones offer cohesive styling, bold and bright colours, while attention-grabbing, might be a bit too distracting, especially in the natural outdoor environments where I love to capture moments. 

Start with one outfit that resonates with you, and let it be the anchor for building the rest of the family's looks. If patterns are your style, consider extracting colours from the pattern to weave into other family members' outfits. And here's a pro tip: envision where these family portraits will find a home in your living space. Ensuring the backdrop and clothing colours align seamlessly with your home decor adds an extra layer of cohesion, turning your family photos into a truly integrated and aesthetically pleasing part of your home.

1. Neutral Elegance

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Embrace the timeless beauty of neutrals with a palette that includes shades like beige, cream, and whites. This versatile combination creates a sense of sophistication and allows individual personalities to shine. Mix and match different tones within the neutral spectrum for a cohesive yet diverse family look. This understated elegance not only enhances the visual appeal of your photos but also ensures a timeless quality that will be cherished for years to come.

2. Pop of Color

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Infuse vibrancy into your family photos with a coordinated palette featuring bold accent colours. Choose one or two statement hues – perhaps a striking red or a vibrant blue – and let these colours pop against neutral backgrounds. This approach adds a playful and dynamic element to your photos, drawing attention to the unique personalities within your family. The result? Eye-catching visuals that capture the energy and spirit of your loved ones in a stunning burst of colour.

3. Earthy Warmth

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Embrace the cosy charm of Rusty Browns for your family photo session. This warm and earthy palette, featuring hues like rich terracotta, burnt sienna, and deep ochre, always looks great for outdoor photoshoots in nature. Consider pairing rust-coloured sweaters, caramel-toned scarves, and chocolate-brown trousers for a harmonious look. This choice not only radiates comfort but also captures the timeless warmth of family bonds against a backdrop of nature's earthy palette.

4. Pattern Harmony

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Add a dash of visual interest to your family photos with the artful inclusion of a feature pattern. Here's the key: select one family member to showcase a patterned outfit, while the rest opt for solid block colours that complement the chosen pattern. This thoughtful approach ensures a harmonious and balanced look, preventing visual distractions or a sense of busyness.

Consider patterns that resonate with your family's style such as subtle florals. Striking the right balance is essential; hence, I recommend sticking to one patterned outfit, unless you find two patterns that truly complement each other, either through similar colours or one featuring a subtle design. Let patterns be the storyteller in your family photos, adding a layer of personality and charm to your collective visual narrative.

Dressing for the Location

In this section, I'll tailor outfit suggestions to seamlessly blend with your chosen photoshoot location, be it the vibrant city streets or the serene outdoors. From urban-chic ensembles that effortlessly merge with metropolitan backdrops to nature-inspired looks that harmonise with the earthy surroundings, we'll explore how to dress for the location, ensuring your family not only stands out but also complements the unique atmosphere of the setting. Let's dive into the art of wardrobe selection that aligns with your chosen backdrop.

- Seaside Serenity

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Embrace the coastal charm with a seaside-inspired ensemble. Think flowy dresses and rolled-up pants – no footwear for a carefree, beachy vibe. This look not only ensures comfort for sandy adventures but also captures the relaxed essence of a beach photoshoot. Consider light, airy fabrics in pastel hues to harmonise with the natural seaside palette, creating a visual symphony of serenity against the backdrop of crashing waves and golden sands. Get ready for a photoshoot that effortlessly blends with the tranquil beauty of the beach.

- Park Playfulness

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Step into the heart of nature with playful and comfortable park-ready family photo outfits. Think statement shoes for those exploratory walks and climbing trees with ease. Comfort is key, so opt for breathable fabrics and loose fits. This ensemble not only allows for unrestricted movement but also adds a touch of whimsy to your family photos. Let your surroundings inspire your wardrobe choices, creating a harmonious blend between the vibrant energy of the park and the liveliness of your family dynamic.

- Nature’s Canvas

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Immerse your family in the breathtaking beauty of nature with outfits inspired by the surroundings. Choose earthy tones and textured fabrics that seamlessly integrate with the natural landscape. Think about incorporating layers for added depth and comfort. This ensemble not only harmonises with the serene outdoor setting but also provides a canvas for capturing the authentic moments shared amidst nature's wonders. Let your outfits tell a story of connection, comfort, and the timeless allure of the great outdoors.

Practical Tips for Comfort

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Comfort is the unsung hero of a successful family photoshoot. No one wants to spend precious moments adjusting uncomfortable outfits. In this section, we'll dive into practical tips to ensure that your family not only looks fantastic but feels fantastic too. From weather-appropriate attire to considerations for mobility, we've got you covered with insights to make your photoshoot a breeze for every family member. Because when comfort meets style, the result is a collection of images that truly reflect the joy and ease of your unique family dynamic.

Weather-Ready Ensembles:

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  • Dressing for the weather is a key element in ensuring everyone's comfort during the photoshoot. Afterall, nobody wants to be too hot or too cold during the photoshoot, especially the little ones! Whether it's embracing lightweight cool fabrics for a summer session or layering up in cosy knits for winter, consider the climate and choose outfits that keep the family snug and stylish.

Mobility-Friendly Choices:

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  • Prioritise mobility by selecting outfits that allow easy movement. Especially for kids, opt for clothes that won't restrict their ability to play and explore. Stretchy fabrics, comfortable shoes, and clothing that doesn't require constant adjustments will keep everyone at ease throughout the photoshoot. 
  • If you are putting a toddler in a shirt and shorts, keep in mind that they may be moving around and their shirt may slide up revealing their tummy and nappy. I always suggest a one piece outfit for this age group for this reason.

Consider Accessories Wisely:

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  • While accessories can add flair to outfits, ensure they are practical for the occasion. Avoid accessories that might be cumbersome or distracting. Opt for comfortable hats, scarves, or simple jewellery that complements the look without causing discomfort.

Think Seating Arrangements:

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  • If the photoshoot involves sitting on the ground or other unconventional spots, consider this when choosing outfits. Skirts or dresses that allow for easy sitting, and pants that won't ride up, can make a significant difference in maintaining comfort during various poses and settings.

Footwear Matters:

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  • Selecting the right footwear is crucial for comfort, especially if the photoshoot involves walking or varied terrain. Ensure that shoes are not only stylish but also practical for the location. For beach sessions, consider going barefoot or opting for sandals, while sturdy shoes might be essential for more rugged outdoor environments.


As we wrap up our guide to outfit inspiration for your family photoshoot, keep in mind that your clothing choices play a pivotal role in the overall impact of the photos. As your photographer, I am here not just to capture moments but to help you curate the perfect clothing ensemble that reflects your unique personalities. Whether it's infusing your personal style, coordinating colours, or choosing the right patterns, I'm here to assist you every step of the way. Let's work together to ensure your outfits harmonise seamlessly, allowing the spotlight to shine on your family's genuine connections and creating a collection of photographs that truly encapsulate the essence of your extraordinary journey.

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