Every newborn photoshoot Sydney is different from the next. Each newborn and family I work with has something that makes them special and unique. It is my job to capture just this! As a newborn photographer, I also have the joy of coming into your home and capturing new surroundings each time. This is what makes my job so exciting!

The goal for a newborn photoshoot is to capture your tiny baby in the first two weeks after your baby is born. To be able to capture their tiny fingers and toes, their first feeds, their new beginnings. New little bodies they are learning to control. There is nothing quite like sleepy newborn photos of them curled up in your arms. Having said that, not all newborns are as sleepy as others, and that is ok! As long as your baby is calm and content, we will capture beautiful photos.

This is just what we did at this beautiful newborn photoshoot Rose Bay one rainy Tuesday. I arrived at their beautiful home, ready to meet and capture their 8-day old baby boy. He was well fed and super sleepy. Like most babies, he stirred while I dressed him in the provided newborn clothes. Once he was dressed, I swaddled him in one of the gorgeous knitted neutral blankets in my newborn collection and he drifted off peacefully to sleep in my arms.

Newborn photography Sydney

He had already had a big sleep that day, so he was not in the deepest sleep, at times, opening his little eyes to look around. We stopped the session a few times to resettle him or give him a top up feed. His parents were relaxed and present enjoying this newborn photography experience.

Newborn Photography Sydney

I would like my clients to walk away from each photoshoot feeling calm, loved up, present and with smiles on their faces. To know that it was captured with ease, naturally and authentically in the comfort of their home.

As a newborn photographer, I have had to learn that not all babies are the same, and they will not all enjoy every pose or position you put them in. I pride myself on being a baby led newborn photographer. This means, I follow your babies lead. I will strive to deliver you a gallery of photographs with variety, but I won't do this at the expense of your baby's comfort. As you can see from these photographs, we captured a huge variety of different photographs, all beautiful and magical, and they were all guided by bub and what he was comfortable with.

Each photoshoot is a collaboration between me and you. As your Sydney Newborn Photographer, I will gently guide you through the movements and positions, bringing you together to create connection and presence. All you need to do is just breathe and allow yourself the space to enjoy these quiet moments. To take in all that you have created, your family these fleeting moments together.  Find out more details here about newborn photography.

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