There is nothing I love more than seeing old clients come back to me for updated photos. It is so special for me to be able to see your children grow and change and especially see parents on their journey throughout parenthood.

I first met this family in 2021 for newborn family photos of their beautiful little girl Millie. She was captured alongside her dog Ricky, their first child. It is amazing to see how much Millie has changed from a once tiny 2-week-old little newborn who fit in my hands to now seeing her bubbly personality and cute little curls.

Having a Family Photoshoots Sydney is the perfect way to capture a specific age or stage in your child’s life. We all know how much they grow and change in the space of a year. They go from crawling to walking to climbing trees and well… just growing up.

Family Photography Sydney

Recently there has been a trend on Instagram to post a photo of your family and next to each person, write their age in 10 years from now. My 2-year-old will be 12, and my 8-year old who is very much my baby still will be 18! I want to remember everything about them from this time in our lives. The way they climb into bed every day with us and just cuddle, unconditionally, with nowhere else they would rather be. The way they kiss me goodbye before school. The way they so desperately need me still.

As a mother, I know how much we wish to freeze time, to capture these moments. We don’t want to forget a thing. Family portraits Sydney is that gift. It records and captures all those little details so that we can hold onto these moments forever.

Your family photoshoot will capture that unconditional love that you treasure, that look that you adore, and all the priceless little in-between bits that mean the world. The bits that we tend to forget as time passes us by.

As your photographer, my goal is to help you relax, feel comfortable and have fun so that we can capture natural smiles and laughs, real moments you will cherish forever.

My hope is that when we are done, you will want to display them on your walls, in albums and in your home so that every day you can smile as you walk by. I hope that your prints help you to reminisce and bring joy into your home every day.

If you would like to book a Sydney family photoshoot, please click here to visit my contact page. I will be in touch to discuss, where, what, and packages. I can't wait to capture unique moments like these just for you!

Contact me through my contact page if you have any questions.

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