I have seen many a meme showing how stressful it is to get the kids dressed, ready and loaded into the car to arrive at your family photoshoot on time, stain and tantrum-free. As a mum of 3, I know, its not easy! It doesn’t need to be stressful! It should be an enjoyable memorable experience for the whole family. Think of it as another opportunity to spend quality time together as a family. Aim to have fun, and engage with your kids meaningfully and the results will be amazing. Here are some tips to make sure you can get the most out of your Sydney family photoshoot.

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  1. Prepare Outfits in Advance
    There is nothing worse than scrambling to dress your whole family on the day of the photoshoot and realising half of what you want to dress them in is in the wash or cannot be found. Be prepared. About a week or more before your photoshoot, lay out your outfit choices on the bed.

    Most family photographers should provide you with a what to wear guide to help you know what looks best and what to avoid. As a family photographer Sydney, I also encourage my clients to text me photos of the clothes they are considering wearing laid out on a bed before their photoshoot. I can them give them advice on what will look best.

    Make sure your outfits are ironed or steamed, ready to wear on the day of your photoshoot – its one less thing to worry about and stress over on the day.
  2. Prepare your Kids
    Let your kids know that you have booked family portrait photography. However, do not prime them to smile or how to behave. We want them to come along and have fun and be natural. The best way to do this is to let them know that family photos are lots of fun! If you have booked in beach family photos let them know that we will be running on the sand, building castles, climbing rocks and splasing in the water! Get them excited!

    A little bribe also goes a long way – bring with some yummy treats for the end of the photoshoot and let them know that if they do great listening this is their reward.
  3. Make Sure your kids have full bellies and are well-rested
    We want happy children at the photoshoot. Make sure to feed your kids a wholesome meal before the photoshoot to make sure they are not hangry! Feel free to bring snacks with but I recommend choosing snacks that are not messy e.g. apple, pretzels, sultanas.
    If you have little ones who need a nap, make sure that you are home over their nap time on the day of your photoshoot so that they are well-rested.
  4. Let your photographer know what your family loves to do
    Natural family photographers like to capture you doing what you love as a family. If this is surfing, playing guitar, kicking a soccer ball, jumping over waves or even something more adventurous let them know! A good photographer will find a way to incorporate this special activity into your photoshoot.
  5. Choose weather appropriate clothing
    There is nothing worse than having a cold child at your photoshoot. Make sure you dress appropriately for the weather. If you are having an autumn or winter shoot, layers and chunky knits look great in photos. Bring warm blankets and we can incorporate that into the shoot too.
  6. Have FUN!
    Relax and have fun. Natural family photoshoots are just that – natural. Allow your photographer to guide you through games and fun activities to create the perfect photographic memories of your family. Have with it, enjoy your time together and remember, the best photos are when you are not looking at the camera.

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