We only have 18 Summers with our children, why are family photoshoots important?

Every family is unique and different. Every family has a unique story to tell, and their journey is what makes them so special. As a family photographer, I get to capture these journeys and tell your story. It is my job to make sure that I capture the laughter, love, and connection that means so much to you right now in this time so that when it is long over you have something to look back on.

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You only have 18 summers with your children before they grow up, and even less while they willingly climb into your arms desperate for a huge cuddle. How much longer will they need you to tuck them in? When will they stop climbing trees, grazing their knees, and digging in the dirt? How much longer will they be worry-free, living in the moment building sand castles in the sand. There are so many moments you want to remember, capture them with a natural family photoshoot Sydney.

Here are some reasons why family photoshoots are important:

  • To Remember The Little Things
    I remember when I was my tiny newborn was curled up on my chest and she let out a big sigh and then puckered her lips. I remember thinking, this moment is so magical, I know I will remember it forever. Well…. There were many more moments just like that one, where I had that thought, but they have long since slipped my mind. These little moments ebb and flow through our lives, they come and go so quickly, and all too often we forget about them as fast as they came.
    Family Portraits Sydney allows us to document these tiny little moments, the way they squeeze your fingers or look lovingly into your eyes. The way their tiny arms wrap around your neck and squeeze you hard. Our children grow up so fast and we are so focussed on the future that sometimes we forget to be here right now. Family portraits are a great way to document the changes and develop your children and family go through. They will always be there to remind you of those magical moments you try so hard to remember forever.
  • They allow you to live in the moment
    Life is busy and there are so many distractions around us. A family photoshoot in Sydney will allow you to fully submerge into your life. To listen intently to the story your toddler tells you, or just enjoy the way they smile at you. It is the perfect excuse to just be present and live in the moment and let the rest of the world stop around you.
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  • To Capture Memories
    A good photograph, one that captures the right amount of emotion, will take you back to that moment in time. You will be able to reminisce about how you felt, what you could smell, feel and what you were doing. Imagine reliving these memories in many years from now with your grandchildren. A family photographer Sydney will be able to capture heartfelt moments for you so that you can always revisit these memories and moments. A family photoshoot also allows you as a parent to be present in the photos. Too often than not we are not present in photos because we are behind the camera taking them. Our children will want to remember what it was like in our embrace or in the moment with us.
  • To Share with the next generation
    Family photos allow your children to connect with their story, to connect with their past and present, and to have something tangible that they can always reflect on. Family portraits will reboot their memory so that they are able to always know who helped shape them into who they are today.
  • Displaying Photos around your house increases your child’s self-esteem
    Did you know that studies show that simply displaying your loving family photos around the house increases your child’s self-esteem? It says to them you are loved, you are important. More so, it also shows the family unit, the place where a child feels most safe and secure. When they look at the photo they will feel protected and loved.
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Time is slipping by. Every year your summer will look a little different to before. Before long you will be cheering at graduation or walking them down the aisle. Make the most of every moment. Capture these moments through family photos so that you can savor them and remind you to always be present and celebrate your relationships.

I would love to capture your family photoshoot for you! Get more details here.

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