Are you thinking about booking a maternity photoshoot? They are the perfect way to capture this time before your family grows. Your photographer should guide you and help you choose the perfect location and outfits. Many photographers like myself even have a client wardrobe so that you won't need to worry about buying the perfect dress for your photoshoot. There are some things you can do to make sure you capture breathtaking photographs you will love and treasure forever.

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  1. Trust Your Photographer
    The first thing is to trust your photographer when they recommend the time of day for your photoshoot. The only time of day I will do an outdoor maternity photoshoot in Sydney is at sunrise or sunset so that I can capture it during golden hour or blue hour. Not only is it the most peaceful serene time of day, but is makes for beautiful flattering photographs.
  2. Have an Open Mind
    You have hired a professional pregnancy photographer for a reason. They are creative and will have lots of ideas to take your photographs to the next level. Trust them and go along with their ideas in order to capture the most magical photographs.
    For example, I will often ask my clients to get into the water at the beach, float on their back, or lie down on a hard rock. These are often some of the best photos.

Talk to your photographer before the photoshoot about your vision for the photoshoot – do you want a more modest shoot in a dress that covers your skin, do you want to show more skin or try some partially nude portraits? Your photographer is there to make sure you feel completely at ease and comfortable with everything you do during your photoshoot.

Maternity Photography Sydney
  1. Your Body is Amazing – Love It!
    Being pregnant isn’t easy, often women can have many discomforts from swollen feet to exhaustion. But.. Take a minute to stop and remember that you are growing a tiny LIFE inside of you. A human being. A person. Your body is a miracle, and it is amazing – it is capable of so much. Don’t worry about how you look, embrace your magnificent bump, this incredible body growing another life and capture how amazing you truly are. I know that once you see the photographs – you too will see how absolutely beautiful you look.
  2. Choose the right outfit
    Clothes make a huge difference in your confidence. Everyone has a different style, you want these photos to reflect you, so make sure you wear something that you love. Choosing the right outfit that you know suits your body is really important. The outfit you choose falls over your bump and not cling to the wrong places. Some pregnant mums prefer tight clothes while others choose loose flowing dresses. Whatever you choose – make sure you feel amazing in it and will be happy to look back on these photos for many years to come.
  3. Location, location, location – does it reflect you?
    Do you love the beach? Hate the water? Love nature? This all needs to be taken into consideration when choosing the best location for your maternity photoshoot Sydney. Speak to your pregnancy photographer to find out what locations they recommend for your family.
  4. Bring the right underwear
    Many maternity dresses are low cut or are buttoned down the front to turn into a gown and are therefore quite revealing. If you choose these kinds of dresses for your photoshoot make sure you have the right underwear to wear under them. I recommend keeping it simple with a white or black bra and undies.
  5. Getting your hair and Makeup Done = more confidence
    Whilst this is definitely not something you have to do, as a pregnancy photographer, I have noticed that those pregnant mums who do get their hair or make-up done to have this amazing confidence to them. Think about the last time you got your hair blow-dried. That moment you walked out of the salon and your hair blew in the wind. That feeling is amazing and it's great to bring that energy to a photoshoot. If you do choose to get your hair and make-up done, make sure to keep in natural and simple, nothing over the top. You still want to feel and look like you!

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