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As I delve deeper into everyone’s relationships with their pets, I am discovering a world of wholehearted love, and pets that are more human than we could think. I launched Sydney Equine Photography with a photoshoot of Peta, her fiancé Ryan, Peta’s 27-year-old Meir called Cymbol and Cymbol’s daughter Holly who is 8.

16 years ago, young Peta bought Cymbol, today, they are still best friends who share a bond that is unbreakable. When I spoke with Peta, she described her and Cymi as “soul mates” who have been destined to challenge each other, nurture each other and grow together.

More than just a pet

If you are a mumma of a fur baby or a horse you will know that they are so much more than just a “pet”. Pets are a reminder of how fiercely we can love one another. They remind us of how fun adventures can be when it is not just for us and give us that calm that we need at the end of a busy day. Staring into each others eyes wondering if they see the world the same way as you do in that moment and all the love. The unconditional love that opens our hearts and souls.

Describing how Cymbol pricks up her ears and struts around with a proud alpha female look on her face. Peta is transported back to every competition they have won together, the last 16 years and all they have achieved together. Their love and understanding of each other is so unique and as their family has grown, they have opened their hearts to even more love. Cymbol and Holly are very blessed to have you and Ryan as parents. Thank you for sharing your story so openly with us. The stunning statement artwork that we designed for your new home is going to bring so much joy, every single day and always be there to remind you of your once in a life time horse. I hope that it always has the power to transport you back to these special memories, and to remind you of how you have grown together. Contact Daniella Photography for more info

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