When to take Pregnancy Photos?

The pregnancy journey goes by faster than you can expect. The first trimester feels like it takes the longest as you wait for all your test results to be clear and to be safe in the second trimester. But after that, it fly’s by. As your baby grows, your body changes and your due date comes closer you will start preparing to welcome your new baby into the world. Once they are here, you whole life will change over night. This tiny little person will be the centre of your universe.

Why should you capture maternity photos?

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Capturing photographs of in a pregnancy photoshoot Sydney will allow you to always revisit these memories and revisit this special time long after it is over. One day when your baby is old enough, you can share these memories with them and tell them all the stories of how they came into the world.

A maternity photoshoot is a perfect way to document your journey into motherhood. It will allow to you remember how absolutely incredible your body is and what it is capable of. How you grew this tiny life inside of you for 9 months before bringing them into the world.

There is something magical about a pregnant Mumma getting in front of the camera. To capture this last moment before her baby leaves her body and begins their life in the world. While she is still one with them. The way she glows and holds her beautiful bump is one of my favorite things to capture.

As part of your maternity photoshoot, your photographer will help you select the best location for your outdoor maternity photoshoot Sydney. Sydney siders are so lucky to have so many gorgeous parks and beaches to choose from. Many photographers such as myself will also provide a lady's client wardrobe where you will be able to borrow a dress for your photoshoot and feel absolutely amazing.

When to take pregnancy photos?

The best time to take pregnancy photography is while you still feel comfortable, so before you get too big. This is usually around 30-35 weeks. During this stage in your third trimester, your belly will be nice and round before it drops in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

If you schedule your photoshoot before this time, it is still beautiful but remember your bump will be smaller and less obvious in the photos.

If you schedule your photoshoot after this time, you may be surprised with the early arrival of your baby and miss your photoshoot, or feel very uncomfortable.

When to book for multiples or high risk pregnancies

In the case of twins or multiples, I suggest booking in much earlier than this around 20-24 weeks during the second trimester. Because you are growing two tiny people inside of you, your bump will be nice and round by this time and you will still be feeling comfortable during the pregnancy. Additionally, many mums of multiples deliver their babies earlier and this will avoid missing out on capturing your pregnancy photography.

High-risk pregnancies may also choose to capture their maternity shoot earlier than the recommended 30-35 weeks. The last thing you want is to schedule it for the final weeks in the third trimester and miss out on capturing these memories. Discuss your situation with your photographer, and they will be happy to work out a time for your photographs.

Final Thoughts

Maternity photoshoots are all about capturing the power of your body and the amazing changes it goes through during pregnancy. So whilst this is a guide to suggest when the best time is to capture your maternity photography, it is also up to you. When do you think you will feel the most comfortable and believe the right time is to capture this journey you are on?  Even if you book last minute and decide to capture your pregnancy photos in the final weeks of pregnancy, as long as you still feel comfortable, your maternity photographer will be able to capture beautiful photographs.  

The final weeks of your pregnancy are busy buying strollers and bassinets, wraps and clothes and organising nursery’s. There is a lot going on and taking the time to stop and enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancy through beautiful natural photographs is the perfect way to remember this special time.

Tips for when to capture your maternity photoshoot:

  • Between 30-35 weeks during the third trimester
  • For multiples, schedule your session earlier around 20-24 weeks
  • Listen to your body, you know yourself best. Book in your photoshoot for when you think you will still be comfortable.
  • If you wait to do it too late, you could be uncomfortable and tired or you could have your baby early and miss out on having photos
  • Contact your chosen maternity photographer around the 12 week mark to book in your photoshoot as they often book up in advance.

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