Printing your photos is a topic I am very passionate about as both a mother and photographer. We all take thousands and thousands of photos on our phones and cameras each year, documenting so many important moments and memories. To keep these memories safe, we upload them to the cloud where they can't be deleted. However, what is the purpose of all these photos? Captured, stored, packed away up in a virtual space for when? For what? When will you look back on these memories with nostalgia? How will you enjoy them? That is where prints, albums and wall art come in. These items have become priceless in this digital world where we are swamped with photos, videos and memories, long forgotten. By printing your photos you are preserving these precious memories to enjoy and remember every single day. 

Why take the time to invest in professional photos for them to just sit on your phone or in the cloud for years to come? Until you can no longer remember where they are stored, and then they will be long forgotten. As a photographer I want you to enjoy your photos, to cherish the memories for a lifetime, without them collecting digital dust forever. Here are all the reasons why printing your photos should be a priority!

Preservation of Memories

why print photos

In this rapidly advancing digital age, where countless images are captured and stored digitally, the act of printing photos holds immense significance in preserving cherished memories. While uploading digital copies of photos to the cloud ensures their safety from physical loss, it doesn't quite capture the essence of what these memories represent.

Printed photos offer a tangible connection to our past. They provide a way to relive significant moments with a simple touch or glance, evoking emotions that a digital screen cannot replicate. Unlike digital files that can be susceptible to technological changes or hardware failures, printed photos endure. They serve as timeless artefacts that can be passed down through generations, telling stories and connecting family members across time.

Imagine stumbling upon a shoebox filled with old photos from your grandparents' wedding or your parents' childhood. These photo prints not only encapsulate moments frozen in time but also bridge gaps between generations, fostering a sense of continuity and heritage.

Moreover, printed photos are accessible in any circumstance, whether the power is out or devices are unavailable. They decorate our walls, adorn our desks, and are shared during family gatherings, sparking conversations and reminiscences.

As a photographer and a mother, I believe in the power of printed photos to transcend the fleeting nature of digital media. They are more than just images; they are tangible keepsakes that enrich our lives and ensure that our most cherished memories endure.

Imagine being a mother who has lovingly framed and displayed photos of her newborn on the living room wall. Each morning, as she sips her coffee and gazes at those images, a rush of memories floods her heart. She sees the tiny fingers and toes, the gentle curve of a cheek, and she feels an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude for those precious early days. Despite her baby now being grown, those photos serve as a daily reminder of the profound love and growth experienced over the years. It's a tangible link to the past that brings comfort and warmth to her everyday life.

Tangible Keepsakes

why print your photos

In a world dominated by digital files and virtual storage, the significance of holding physical prints cannot be overstated. There's a unique value in tangible photographs that goes beyond pixels on a screen or files in a cloud.

When you hold a printed photo in your hands, it becomes more than just an image—it's a tangible keepsake that sparks a profound emotional connection. Running your fingers over the texture of the paper, feeling the weight of the photograph, and seeing the vibrant colours or timeless black-and-white tones evoke a sense of nostalgia that is unmatched by digital viewing.

The act of flipping through family albums or framing a special photograph provides a sensory experience that engages more than just sight. It engages touch and even smell, transporting us back to the moment the photo was taken. This tactile interaction with printed photos can reignite forgotten memories and emotions, allowing us to relive the past in a way that scrolling through digital galleries cannot replicate.

Moreover, physical prints hold the power to bring generations together. Imagine sitting with loved ones, passing around a photo album filled with memories. Each turn of a page becomes a shared journey through family history, sparking stories and connections that strengthen bonds and preserve legacies.

Printing photos of children can have a profound impact on their sense of belonging and self-confidence. When children see themselves captured in tangible prints displayed proudly in their home, it reinforces their importance within the family unit. This visual affirmation fosters a sense of identity and belonging, boosting their self-esteem and reinforcing positive family connections. As they grow, these printed memories serve as a reflection of their journey, showcasing milestones and achievements that contribute to their sense of pride and accomplishment.

As a photographer and a mother, I've witnessed firsthand the magic that printed photos can weave into our lives. They are not just pictures; they are tangible manifestations of our most cherished moments, treasured for their ability to evoke smiles, tears, and a deep sense of belonging.

Decor and Personalisation

Incorporating printed photos into your home decor is a wonderful way to infuse warmth and personality into your living spaces. Displaying printed photos in your home not only beautifies living spaces but also nurtures a collective appreciation for the memories that shape us and the relationships that define us. Beyond mere decoration, these photographs hold the power to transform a house into a home filled with cherished memories and personal touches.

Consider creating a captivating wall gallery using framed prints of varying sizes and styles. Mix and match frames to add visual interest and complement your existing decor. Whether it's a gallery wall dedicated to family milestones or a curated display of travel memories, these arrangements serve as captivating focal points that tell your unique story.

For a more intimate touch, adorn tabletops and shelves with framed photos in elegant frames or rustic displays. A curated collection of photos arranged on a mantelpiece or side table not only adds aesthetic appeal but also invites conversation and nostalgia.

Gift-Giving and Sharing

why you should print your photos

Sharing printed photos with loved ones is a heartfelt gesture that goes beyond traditional gift-giving. Whether it's for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, presenting a carefully curated photo album or framed print to a family member or friend is a meaningful way to celebrate cherished memories together.

Imagine the joy on a loved one's face as they unwrap a personalised photo book filled with captured moments from shared experiences. Each page turned is a journey down memory lane, igniting smiles, laughter, and sometimes tears of nostalgia. These tangible gifts not only express love and appreciation but also create lasting connections by celebrating the unique bond between giver and recipient.

Moreover, sharing printed photos with friends and family fosters connection and strengthens relationships. Sending a thoughtful photo card or sharing prints from a recent gathering cultivates a sense of belonging and solidarity, bridging physical distances and nurturing emotional closeness.

By gifting and sharing printed photos, we not only preserve memories but also enrich the lives of those we hold dear, creating enduring bonds woven through the threads of shared experiences captured in print.

Long-Term Accessibility

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, concerns about the longevity and accessibility of digital files are understandable. Digital images stored on devices or in the cloud are vulnerable to risks such as hardware failure, data corruption, or changes in technology that could render certain file formats obsolete. Stored amongst thousands of other photos you have taken, they may also get lost in the abyss of hundreds and thousands of photos.

To safeguard precious memories and ensure their enduring enjoyment, printing photos is a reliable and accessible solution. Printed photographs transcend technological limitations, providing tangible keepsakes that can be cherished for years to come.

Every year, I make a photo book for my family. I download all the photos I have taken over the year, and tell my family's story in an album that I put together. I use a combination of photos captured on my phone and camera. The design and layout is simple, you do not have to be a professional photographer with any skills to create these books. It just takes a little bit of time and love. These photo albums are enjoyed and cherished by my entire family. My children look at them often, reminiscing about memories of the past, chatting about how they have grown and changed. These books are some of our most precious possessions!

By printing photos, we take proactive steps to preserve our memories in a format that withstands the test of time. It's a tangible investment in our history and heritage, ensuring that future generations can connect with the stories and experiences that define us.


As a mother and photographer deeply passionate about preserving memories, I believe that printing photos is not just an option but a meaningful necessity in today's digital age. We live in a time where we capture countless moments with our cameras and smartphones, yet the true essence of these memories can easily get lost in the digital shuffle.

Printing photos transforms these fleeting digital files into tangible treasures that enrich our lives every day. When I see my children's smiling faces captured in framed prints adorning our walls, I'm reminded of the joyous moments we've shared and the milestones we've celebrated together. These prints serve as anchors, grounding us in the beauty of our past and inspiring us to create new memories for the future.

Let's not let our most cherished memories fade away in the digital abyss. Let's bring them to life through the art of printing—transforming pixels into prints that evoke nostalgia, connection, and love.

In embracing the practice of printing photos, we invite warmth, personality, and authenticity into our homes. We celebrate the beauty of human connection and the richness of shared experiences.

So, join me in this journey of preserving memories, one print at a time. Let's fill our lives with the tangible magic of printed photos, igniting joy and gratitude with each glance.

Together, let's turn moments into memories that last a lifetime.

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