Newborn Photography Sydney

I honestly believe that I have the best job in the world. Everyday I get to capture families in their homes and enter their newborn bubble as I am trusted to capture their newborn photos. Step into my world as a newborn photographer in Sydney and join me on a journey through the intricate process of capturing precious moments of newborns. There is so much that goes into the art and preparation of newborn photography and the profound joy it brings.

Newborn Photography Sydney

As I begin my day, I am always excited! I get to meet a family during one of the most special and memorable times of their life. I get my camera and lenses ready. Make sure everything is charged, clean and ready to go. I carefully fold and pack each blanket and wrap for the photoshoot. All washed, clean and ready just for your baby. I select the cutest collection of newborn clothes to bring to you for you to choose what you would like your baby to wear and also remember to collect a couple of dresses that the mum has chosen out of my what to wear guide to borrow and wear for the photoshoot.

I double check that I have everything I need to create a safe, comfortable and perfectly styled photoshoot for the whole family before leaving.

Arriving at my client’s home, I enter with a sense of respect for the precious little bundle that has just come home. I take a moment to speak with the family, get to know them and their baby. It is important to build a connection with each family. I understand the significance of trust and comfort in creating authentic and heartfelt images. Our conversations allow me to infuse the photographs with their story, style and emotions into every frame, ensuring every shoot is unique and that the photographs truly reflect their unique journey.

I then look around their home and scouting out the best natural light. As I walk around I envision how the photos may come to life through the lens of my camera. Soft lighting and carefully chosen backdrops capture the delicate glow of the newborn and the love that envelops the room.

Before I touch each baby, safety first. I wash my hands thoroughly with soap and water. As the session unfolds, I approach each moment with a tender touch and an eye for detail. I handle the newborn with utmost care, always putting safety first. It is always my goal to create a serene atmosphere. I do this by helping to settle the baby with gentle sounds and movements to help sooth them into a peaceful sleep. Once they are in a deep sleep, I can then start the photoshoot by guiding the newborn into natural poses, capturing their tiny little features and beauty.

Newborn Photography Sydney

Throughout the session, we may need to resettle or feed the newborn baby. We are never rushed, always prioritising their comfort and needs. It is always the most incredible feeling watching their tiny features come to life through my lens – their rosy cheeks, dainty fingers and the way they curl up in your arms. There are so many moments with each baby that allow me to infuse their unique personality and spirit into the images.

As the session draws to a close, I help to dress and wrap your baby and leave knowing that I have played a small part in documenting the beginning of the most beautiful journey. The newborn photographs Sydney that I capture will become cherished keepsakes, passed down through generations, serving as a reminder of the love, joy and warmth that surrounded this precious new life.

Being a newborn photographer in Sydney is not just a profession, it’s a calling. I leave every photoshoot on a such a high, amazed at each baby and their family and what I was able to capture. Excited to get home and download the newborn photos to see a little bit of the magic that was captured. Every session is a privilege, and every photograph is a testament to the beauty and wonder that exists in the world.

You can get in touch with Daniella Photography if you are looking for natural newborn photography in Sydney.

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