Welcome to a celebration of double the joy and double the love! Photographing newborn twins is a truly enchanting experience that captures the extraordinary bond between siblings from the very beginning. As a newborn photographer specialising in capturing these precious moments, I have had the privilege of witnessing the unique dynamics and endearing interactions that define twins

Photographing newborn twins can be challenging. How do you get two babies to settle at the same time? How do you photograph them next to each other without shadows casting? It has been a big learning curve to master a twin newborn session, but the results are so worthwhile!

In this blog post, I'll share insights into why photographing twin babies is so special and offer tips on how to beautifully capture their individual personalities and the beautiful connection they share. Join me as we explore the magic of photographing newborn twins and the importance of preserving these fleeting moments in time.

newborn twin photoshoot ideas

When to schedule newborn twins photography session?

When it comes to scheduling a newborn twins' photography session, timing is crucial but can vary depending on individual circumstances. Typically, it's ideal to plan the session within the first two weeks after birth when newborns are most sleepy and easier to pose. However, with twins, there's a possibility that one or both babies may need to spend time in the hospital's special care unit or NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). In such cases, the newborn photography session may need to be postponed until the babies are ready and stable for the session. Flexibility is key when photographing newborn twins, and I always prioritise the babies' health and well-being above all else. Whether the session takes place within the initial two-week window or slightly later, my goal is to capture the essence of their early days with patience and sensitivity, ensuring beautiful and heartfelt photographs that reflect their unique journey into the world.

5 Newborn Twin Photoshoot Ideas

It can be overwhelming going into a newborn twin photoshoot if you do not have a plan and carefully structured workflow. It is essential to maintain a structured workflow to ensure each baby receives equal attention and a balanced collection of images. You also want to make sure that you do not miss any key shots. Don't forget to capture intimate details such as tiny hands, feet, and facial expressions of each twin, highlighting their unique features. 

I always start the photoshoot with the hardest photos first. In this case, that would be photos of the twins together.

Once you have completed the photos of the twins by themselves, It is best to move on by following your typical newborn photography workflow with each twin. You can jump between each baby if the other becomes unsettled. Once you have captured each baby's gallery on their own, move on to capturing baby A with each of her parents, and then repeat this process for baby B. 

You can then move on to showcasing the love and connection the babies share with the whole family by inviting older siblings to join in for some family photos. 

Be patient and flexible during the newborn twin sessions, as twins may not always be calm simultaneously. If one twin needs a break or becomes fussy, focus on photographing the other or take a brief pause altogether. 

Keeping a shot list handy can help prioritise and track essential shots, ensuring a successful and stress-free photoshoot that captures the beautiful bond between newborn twins and their family.

Classic Twin Poses

Capturing the unique connection between newborn twins involves showcasing poses that reflect their close relationship and shared experiences. 

Before you begin posing newborn twins, consider wrapping them snugly in soft swaddles or blankets. Wrapping the babies provides a sense of security and comfort, helping them settle more easily into poses. This is always a safe and easy place to start with during the photoshoot. 

One classic pose is the "mirrored" pose, where each baby is positioned similarly to the other, mirroring their sibling's pose. This pose beautifully symbolises their bond and synchronicity.

Another endearing pose is the natural arrangement where twins naturally gravitate towards each other, intertwining their tiny limbs or resting against each other. These spontaneous poses authentically capture the innate closeness between siblings from birth.

To further illustrate these concepts, here are some examples:

  1. Mirrored Pose: Position both twins side by side, mirroring each other's poses such as curled up with hands near their face or tucked into a soft blanket. This pose highlights their symmetry and connection.
  2. Snuggle Pose: Capture the twins cuddling together, with one twin nestled against the other's side or draped over each other. This pose emphasises their natural inclination to seek comfort in each other's presence.
  3. Hand Holding: Encourage the twins to gently hold hands or grasp each other's fingers. This simple yet powerful pose symbolises their bond and companionship from the earliest days.
  4. Face to Face: Position the twins facing each other, capturing their curious gazes and expressions as they connect visually. This pose highlights the emotional connection between siblings.
  5. Wrapped Together: Swaddle both twins together in a soft wrap or blanket, creating a cosy and intimate setting that showcases their togetherness.

These timeless poses not only create stunning photographs but also serve as heartfelt reminders of the inseparable bond shared between newborn twins. By incorporating these poses into your newborn twins photoshoot, you can beautifully capture their unique connection and preserve precious memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Coordinating Outfits and Props

twins newborn baby photoshoot

Creating visually cohesive and appealing photos for newborn twins involves thoughtful coordination of outfits and props. Consider using matching or complementary colours, textures, and themes to enhance the overall aesthetic and highlight the special bond between the twins.

Dress the twins in matching outfits or onesies. Choose soft, neutral tones like pastels or earthy hues that complement their delicate features without overpowering the images. I always purchase my newborn outfits for twin photoshoots from the same supplier in a slightly different style but the same texture and colour so that they complement each other in the photos. 

Incorporate different textures into the outfits or props to add depth and interest to the photos. Use cosy knit blankets, fuzzy wraps, or smooth fabrics that enhance the tactile feel of the images.

Lifestyle Photoshoot

A lifestyle photoshoot approach for newborn twins focuses on capturing genuine moments and interactions in natural, everyday settings. During the session, I observe and document spontaneous connections between the twins and their family members, encouraging authentic emotions and interactions. The chosen settings reflect the family's lifestyle, whether indoors in cosy spaces like the nursery or living room. The goal is to capture everyday memories for the family to be able to revisit this hectic but special period of their lives. 

Use natural light to create a warm and intimate atmosphere, positioning the twins near windows or in shaded areas for soft, diffused lighting. I emphasise candid moments, such as siblings cuddling or parents sharing tender moments with the newborns, capturing genuine expressions and gestures that convey the deep bonds within the family. The goal is to create a timeless collection of images that authentically portray the joy, love, and connections shared within the family during this special time with newborn twins.

Sibling Bond

Capturing the special bond between newborn twins and their older siblings is one of the hardest shots you will need to capture. I always find it best to have each of the twins tightly wrapped for this photo as it will make it a lot less easier. 

When posing siblings together, encourage natural interactions and expressions that highlight their connection. For example, capture the older sibling gently holding or cuddling the twins, or sitting close together with tender expressions of affection. Another idea is to involve the older sibling in interactive poses such as playing with soft toys or reading a book to the twins, showcasing their nurturing role. Candid shots of siblings laughing, hugging, or gazing at each other with wonder also beautifully convey the genuine bond they share. 

By focusing on these moments, we can create timeless images that celebrate the special relationship between newborn twins and their older siblings, preserving cherished memories for the entire family.

Feel free to customise the poses and interactions based on the personalities and ages of the siblings involved. These images will serve as precious keepsakes that capture the unique bond between siblings and the joy of welcoming new additions to the family.


Capturing the special moments of newborn twins requires a thoughtful approach that combines creativity with patience and flexibility. Following a set workflow and allowing extra time enables us to navigate the unique dynamics of newborn twin photography, ensuring that each precious moment is beautifully captured. Twins hold a remarkable and profound bond right from birth, making every interaction and expression between them and their family members truly special. Staying calm and patient throughout the photoshoot allows for genuine connections to unfold naturally, resulting in family and newborn photos that authentically portray the joy and love shared within the family. Remember, the process of photographing twins is an opportunity to celebrate their unique bond and create lasting memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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