From Newborn to One Year: When is the Best Time to Schedule a Baby Photoshoot?

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One of the most common questions I get asked as a baby and newborn photographer Sydney is “when is the best time to photograph my baby?” It is such a hard question because there is no wrong or right answer. Babies grow and change so quickly in their first year of life, and as a parent, you want to capture every single moment. Professional photographs help to preserve these precious memories forever. But choosing the best time to schedule a photoshoot for your baby can be challenging. Below I will explore the different stages and milestones of the first year and when it is best to capture them.

Newborn Stage (0-2 months)

Newborn photography sydney

During this stage, your baby is still sleeping for most of the day. They love to curl up on your chest or in your arms. This is the best time to capture those iconic sleepy curled up newborn photos Sydney. If you choose to capture this stage it is important to preferably schedule in your newborn photoshoot Sydney before your baby is born as the best time to capture the sleepy photos is in the first 2 weeks after birth.

Newborn photography focuses on capturing the quiet innocence of this time. I generally choose poses that highlight the tiny details of a babies features such as their tiny fingers and toes, puckered lips and delicate eye lashes. These photos are also perfect for capturing the special bond between and baby and their parents.

Tummy Time (3-5 months)

During this time your baby will begin to develop better head and neck control. They will spend more time awake and on their tummy and will be more alert than the first early weeks. This is a great time to schedule in a photoshoot as we are able to capture photos of your baby that are a little more expressive when they are awake, maybe even a few smiles. The goal is to capture your baby’s developing personality, with photos of them cooing, smiling or making eye contact with the camera. Usually I also try and capture some sleepy newborn style photos during the baby photoshoot as well.

Sitting up (6-8 months)

Around six to seven months, your baby will begin to sit up without support. This milestone is really significant in terms of photography as if means we can capture a myriad of different photos in this new seated position. Your baby is also a lot more expressive at this age. They smile more frequently and we may even capture some laughter. A baby photoshoot at 6-7 months would aim to capture those little moments of joy and wonder as they discover new things as well as their contagious smiles, laughter and babbles.

Crawling (9-11 months)

Newborn photography Sydney

Around 9-10 months babies will start to crawl, move around or pull themselves up onto things. This is such an exciting time of development for both parents and babies and its such a great way to capture photos of your baby exploring their world. We will capture these action shots of your baby crawling and moving around as well as all the cute expressions that come with it! Some babies may also be beginning to clap and this is always so much fun to capture.

The best part of this age is capturing the special bond between a baby and their parents. Many will call it the clingy stage, but it is so special and it doesn’t last forever! All those wonderful cuddles, kisses and comforting hugs will be captured and remembered forever.

First Birthday (12 – 18 months)

During this period most babies will learn to walk which is so much fun to capture (and lots of hard work!). This creates the perfect opportunity to capture more candid photos of your baby exploring the world. Just picture them waddling along the beach at sunset, it is so cute!

The first birthday is also a major milestone for babies and their families as it marks the first year of growth, change and love. Many people choose to capture this time to help celebrate the occasion.

As you can see, each stage during the first year of your baby’s life is full of special one of a kind milestones and stages. No matter when you capture your baby during this year, they are going to grow and change so significantly in the months that follow, you will always be forever grateful to have captured that time.

As a professional newborn photographer and baby photographer Sydney, who has captured hundreds of babies over the last 10 years, my personal favorite stages are the newborn stage, 6-7 month stage and first birthday. If I had to choose one, it would be the newborn stage because there is something so precious about those first few weeks after birth. As a parent myself, I always want to revisit and remember that quiet time of adjustment, learning, wonder and excitement. 

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