For many, the value of family is one of the most important aspects of our lives. Together with family we share and celebrate the happiest of moments. From profound love, to a deep sense of comfort and understanding, bonds that offer a sense of security and belonging. Family is where our story begins, and family photos preserve those beautiful moments we hold so dear. Family photos freeze time, allowing us to relive and share the love, connection and laughter that define our families. 

In this blog post, we will explore 30 creative family photoshoot ideas that help to truly capture authentic relationships, expressions and moments. Whether you are a professional photographer or a smartphone enthusiast, or just looking to book in your own family photoshoot and need some inspiration, these family portrait poses ideas will help you create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. 

30 Family Photoshoot Ideas

1. Family Walk

Instruct the family to hold hands and walk towards you or down the beach. Encourage them to look at each other, fostering natural interactions rather than focusing on the camera.

Family Photography captured family casually walking towards the camera naturally.

2. Quick Dash

This dynamic shot involves parents walking slowly toward you while the young kids run ahead, infusing the photo with energy, depth and a sense of fun!

Family Photographer captures young boy running towards the camera infront of his family.

3. The Family Tree

Gather the entire family under the branches of a magnificent tree. They can embrace each other, share smiles, or gaze into the distance. The results are always quite artistic and majestic.

family photos taken under a big tree

4. Lookout Point

Find a scenic viewpoint or hilltop out in nature and instruct them to gather together and gaze out at the landscape. This works well by getting some family members to hold hands, rest heads on each other or even just have a little cuddle.

family photography sydney

5. Open Field

Bring a blanket with and get the family to sit together in a field of tall grass, capturing the family in a natural and relaxed setting, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

family photos

6. Piggy back ride

This one always elicits a big smile for everyone. Capture moments of children riding on their parents backs, creating playful and affectionate images.

family photos

7. Siblings Piggy Back Ride

Capture heartwarming moments of siblings giving each other piggyback rides, showcasing the playful and loving bond between them. Have fun with this photo and laugh along!

family photography captures siblings on each others back

8. Up in the Air

Always a gorgeous shot as you will be shooting up towards the sky! Get dad to throw each of his kids up into the air. This is sure to bring on big natural smiles and genuine expressions of happiness. Can also be captured with mum in the frame looking on from behind.

family photos
family photos

9. On the Shoulders

Encourage the family to engage in the timeless tradition of kids riding on their parent’s shoulders, symbolising trust and familial support. This works wonders with kids who are finding it hard to sit still, engage or smile naturally.

family photos
family photos

10. Lying Down

Have the family lie down together, with the children snuggled into their parents, creating a cosy and heartwarming scene. It is a great way to give your photos variety and capture a different perspective.

family photos
family photography

11. Upside Down

Ask dad to tip one of his kids upside down. This always adds a whimsical touch to your photos.

family photos

12. Kids on top

This is a great way to create height and different levels in the photos. It is also a fun way to engage the kids and give them a job to do while taking the photos. Instruct the kids to hug, tickle or just cuddle their parents whilst standing behind them.

family photos

13. The pull

Line the family up in one long row. Assign one person as the leader and have them pull the family in either direction, capture their animated expressions and a big bearhug at the end.

family photos

14. Just the Siblings

As a parent I know how hard it is to get my kids together in a nice photo. This is a must for all photographers. It is one that always makes it up onto the wall. The parents can help the kids have fun by standing behind you and pulling faces.

family photos
family photos

15. Reclining on each other

Encourage the family to recline on each other, symbolising their mutual support and affection.

Family Session Photography Sydney
family photos

16. Family Hug

Gather the family for a group hug, this is a tender and more serious shot aimed at capturing the love and connection shared by the family.

family photos

17. The Generations

In multi generational and extended family photoshoots this is a great shot to capture and one that will always remain very precious especially as grandparents age. This shot emphasised the legacy of love, wisdom and traditions passed down.

natural family photos

18. Have fun!

Encourage playful activities, laughter and spontaneity to capture candid moments that reflect the family’s joy and connection.

Family Photography Sydney

19. Use your surroundings

Integrate natural surroundings into your photos, whether it's a beach, forest or urban landscape. This could involve climbing trees or rocks, jumping off things or just playing around with some sticks.

Beaches Photography Sydney

20. Involve pets

If the family has pets, include them in the family portrait photoshoot for heartwarming moments that showcase the bond between the family and their furry friends. The best moments to capture are always when the furry friend shares a lick or two with their human bestie.

outdoor family photo shoot

21. Close up affection

Capture close up shots of family members hugging, kissing or simply sharing affectionate moments. The tiny little hands won't stay little forever, so capture these hugging, squeezing or loving their parents.

family photos

22. Use the water

Incorporate a beach, river, or lake into your photoshoot. Splash, stand or just sit in the water to capture pure joy and summertime fun. These memories will surely last a lifetime.

family photography sydney

23. Blue Hour

Take advantage of the soft, magical lighting during the “blue hour,” capturing family moments as the day transitions to night. The results are cosy, serene and completely unique.

family photos sydney

24. Eskimo Kisses

Encourage a child to give their parents an eskimo kiss (rubbing noses) as a charming and affectionate gesture showcasing their beautiful connection.

family photography

25. Butterfly Kiss

Photograph a parent with their child giving each other a butterfly kiss by gently fluttering their eyelashes against the child's cheek. This tender moment will melt your heart.

family photos

26. Touching Foreheads

Capture the family members touching foreheads. This is just a different way to create connection and love between family members.

family photography sydney
family photos

27. Tickles

To create a playful and fun atmosphere, ask the parent or child to tickle each other. Capture the unfiltered and authentic laughter in your photos.

Outdoor Family Photos Sydney

28. Swing Between You

Instruct the parents to stand on either side of their child. They then lift them up by their arms and gently swing them between them. This shot is always captured with a big smile. Capture it zoomed out and as a close up of just the child with their arms up and hands held.

family photography sydney
family photos

29. Feet Kisses

This works perfectly on a baby with their small chubby feet. It shows off their tiny size and also creates natural smiles and giggles. You could even blow a few raspberries on their feet.

family photos

30. Individual Shots

Don’t forget to capture individual portraits of each family member! These are sometimes the hardest photos to get natural and authentic expressions. A little tickle or funny face will go a long way!

Beach Family Photo Shoot Sydney

Hiring a Professional Photographer

During and after every family photo shoot, I heard the words “wow that was so easy” or “I didn't realise it would be this fun”. As a professional family photographer I have over 10 years of experience of taking family pictures. Whilst it is easier than ever for anyone to take a photo with a smartphone or digital camera, capturing natural and authentic photos that are worthy of going up on your wall should be left to the professionals.

Professional photographers are not just adept with their cameras, as you can see from all the ideas above, so much more goes into managing the dynamics and the flow of a family photoshoot. It is your photographer's job to put you at ease and ensure authentic and candid interactions are captured. Moreso, a professional will bring a creative vision to your shoot and will be able to turn an ordinary moment into an extraordinary memory by utilising lighting, angles and composition that tells a story and evokes emotion. 

Many don’t realise, but professional photographers spend a lot of time editing each photo after your family photo session. Their post production expertise results in the best possible final product. By hiring a professional, you can ensure everyone is present in all the photos. It is an investment in preserving the irreplaceable moments you share with your loved ones. When it comes to family photography, the professional touch makes all the difference.

Immortalise Your Family Photos

Family photos are more than just images, they are a testament to the beautiful moments you have shared with your loved ones. In an age where we take thousands of photos of our kids every week, it is becoming more and more important to print and display family photos in your home. 

I work closely with every client, helping to design stunning artwork, prints, or albums that they can display in their home and pass down to future generations. I have personally sourced suppliers from around Australia and the world that have by far the best quality, ensuring the products you purchase from me will last forever.

My most popular product is the wall gallery. A gallery wall designed by me just for you! To start, you send me a photo of the wall in your home where the gallery will be displayed, along with the measurements of the available space. I will then design a set of wall art to feature on that wall that will become a statement piece that transforms the space. I work closely with you to choose your favourite photos, and also help make sure the composition and design of the artwork suits your home and complements the space.


Family is where love, laughter, and cherished moments are born. Capturing these sweet memories is so important, as we all know, life goes by in a flash! It is so important to preserve your family's beautiful connections and relationships through photography. The moments you share with your loved ones are the heart of your family's story, and by capturing them, you create a legacy that can be cherished for generations to come.

You can now use the guide above, 30 fun family photo ideas, to help you capture the most authentic and genuine photographs of your family. Better yet, remember that hiring a professional family photographer can make a world of difference in capturing these moments. Our expertise, creative vision and technical skills ensure that your photos are not just images but powerful testaments to your family's love story. More than that, a professional photographer will ensure that the photoshoot itself is part of the experience and the memories made. Lastly, don't forget to print your photos! Whether it is through prints, albums, photobooks or wall art. By printing your photos, you will be able to enjoy them daily, smile as you look at them and ensure that you are able to pass down your family's legacy.

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