Pregnancy is a remarkable process, where new life begins and is nurtured and grown inside a woman’s body. For most expectant parents, it is one of the most special times in their life. A time that brings them together, strengthens their connection and emotional bond as they anticipate the arrival of their child together. They now share a new dream together, the dream of becoming parents. As the baby bump grows, so does the excitement, and what better way to celebrate this incredible chapter of life than with a couple maternity photoshoot?

These maternity photos capture the essence of the journey that you are embarking on together. A couple maternity photoshoot is a unique opportunity to remember this time. From the emotions, experiences and growing bond that you share as expecting parents. It is a chance to revel in the beauty of your partnership and the new life growing within, all whilst creating timeless memories through photographs that you will enjoy for years to come. 

In this blog article, we will explore some creative and memorable couple maternity photoshoot ideas that will not only reflect your love story, but also add a touch of magic to your pregnancy journey. 

Couple Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

While the focus of maternity photoshoots is often on the mom-to-be and her baby bump, it is also important to capture the beauty of the pregnancy and love between both parents. This is a time of hope and dreams for both parents, a time of immense connection and excitement that only they share. Below are some creative and unique maternity photoshoot poses for couples.

1. The Tender Touch

Capture the timeless beauty of pregnancy with a classic shot of the couple cradling the baby bump. This intimate moment symbolises the love and anticipation that radiates from within.

Maternity and Newborn Photoshoot Sydney

2. Embrace from Behind

This pose is easy and can be used to warm the couple up as they relax into the groove of the photoshoot. Get the partner to wrap their arms around the expectant mother from behind. Ask her to lean in towards him, snuggling her head into their chest. It can be captured with their eyes open gazing into the distance or closed reflecting on the moment. This image beautifully showcases their protective and loving connection.

Couple Maternity Photoshoot

3. Beachside Stroll

Ask the couple to hold hands and walk slowly along the shoreline, allowing the waves to kiss their feet. This is a relaxed and candid shot, you can create connection between the couple by prompting them to look directly into each other's eyes as they walk.

pregnancy couple photos

4. Sunset Silhouette

As the sun dips below the horizon, capture a stunning silhouette couple maternity photo by having the couple stand together with the sunset behind them. This will showcase the beautiful outline of the couple and the gorgeous bump.

photoshoot poses for couple

5. Seaside Kiss

Seize the moment with a passionate kiss on the beach. Capture the love and connection along with the golden light shining into the camera in a beautiful mesmerising photo.

photo session ideas for couples

6. Affectionate Admiration

Capture a tender moment as the mumma’s partner tenderly gazes at or kisses her baby bump. This is just the start of a beautiful connection and bond, it deserves to be documented forever.

beachside couple photoshoot

7. Loving Hands

Get up close and personal by capturing both mum and dads hands cradling the baby bump. This works best with a bare bump and more skin showing as it will document the miracle occurring inside the mom's belly. Her bump, beautifully large and bulging, carrying a human life inside of it, captured with the love and connection of their embrace forever.

Maternity Photoshoot Sydney

8. Together in Tranquility

Bring a blanket and ask the couple to sit next to each other and embrace. Whether lying side by side or sitting close, this pose emphasises the comfort and serenity the couple finds in each other’s company during this special time.

couple maternity photoshoot ideas

9. Location with Meaning

When booking in the maternity photoshoot, ask the couple if there is a particular location that holds sentimental value for their relationship. Whether it is the first place they met, their favourite place to visit, or their wedding venue. Photographing their maternity photoshoot at this location will add a meaningful touch to their maternity pictures.

maternity couple pics

10. Family Embrace

Include the entire family in the photoshoot to showcase the excitement and anticipation of siblings. Their presence adds both warmth and depth to the moment.

Family Maternity Photoshoot

11. Dance of Love

Capture your joy and anticipation with a shot of the couple dancing together. This shot is always best captured during golden hour as it brings the moment alive. Whether it is a slow waltz or a playful dance, it symbolises the rhythm of their love. It could even be worth bringing a speaker with and playing their favourite song whilst capturing this moment. This experience will be something they will remember forever.

couple maternity pictures

12. Intimate Gaze

Ask the pregnant couple to look into each other's eyes with love. They may want to be serious or laugh it off. Capture those intimate moments as they get lost in each other's eyes during their quiet exchange of love.

maternity pictures for couples

13. Belly in the Middle

In this pose, pop the belly in the middle and ask the couple to lean over and wrap their arms around each other. It is a simple yet powerful way to symbolise their love and excitement to be parents.

couple maternity photography

14. Playful Sequence

Infuse a touch of playfulness into your maternity photoshoot by guiding the couple through a sequence of movements. Start with the pregnant mom leading her partner, and then have him gently pull her back towards him. Capture the genuine laughter and affection as he kisses her neck, creating a candid and heartwarming moment. 

couple beach maternity photos

15. Snuggle up Close

Embrace the warmth and closeness of the couples relationship with a cosy shot of them snuggled up together. This pose works well in winter when you can direct them to warm each other up. The photo will radiate comfort, love and a sense of security.

couple intimate maternity photography

16. Nose to Nose

In a tender and romantic pose, direct the couple to touch their noses together. The proximity of their faces, eyes locked will either result in intense laughter or a deep intimate moment of connection as they reflect and eagerly wait for their baby’s arrival.

couple maternity shoot beach

17. Furry Family Member

Make your maternity photoshoot even more heartwarming by including your beloved family pet. Whether it's a loyal dog or a curious cat, having your furry family member in the frame adds an extra layer of love, connection and cuteness!

couple outdoor maternity photoshoot
maternity photo poses couple

18. Whispering Secrets

This is a photographer's best kept secrets to elicit natural moments in photos. Capture the partner leaning in to whisper something sweet and secret to each other. This intimate gesture highlights the special bond they share as a couple and results in some of the best photos.

maternity picture ideas for couples

19. Sheer Elegance

Utilise a long sheer dress to add an element of grace and ethereal beauty to the maternity shoot. The soft, flowing fabric can be used to create captivating images that accentuate the curves of your baby bump.

outdoor couple maternity photoshoot

20. Natural Beauty

Harness the natural beauty of the landscape by positioning the couple among the stunning rock formations. Carefully compose the shot to create a piece of art with the rocks as a backdrop. The rugged beauty of nature will perfectly complement the beautiful shape of the mothers body.

unique couple maternity photo ideas

Tips for a Memorable Couple Maternity Photoshoot

Your couples maternity photoshoot is an opportunity to celebrate the love, connection and anticipation of becoming parents together. It’s a chance to create lasting memories that will beautifully preserve this precious chapter in your life. The experience of the photoshoot itself will create its own lasting memories. Once you receive your photographs, you will forever revel in the miraculous moments of this time in your life. Here are some practical tips to consider before your photoshoot:

  • Plan Ahead: Book your maternity photography in advance as the best photographers always book up months in advance. Choose a date and location that resonate with you both. 
  • Wardrobe Selection: Decide your outfits in advance. Coordinate your clothing to create a cohesive and visually pleasing look. Your photographer will be there to help you with this. Consider clothing changes for variety and don't forget about accessories that can enhance the overall feel of the photoshoot. 
  • Timing Matters: Opt for the right time of day to capture the best lighting. Early morning or late afternoon during golden hour provide soft, flattering light that adds a touch of magic to the photos. 
  • Express your love: Don't be afraid to express your love and emotions during the shoot. Share smiles, laughter and sweet moments with each other. This will make the photos truly special.
  • Relax and Enjoy: Above all, relax and enjoy the experience. A stress free atmosphere will lead to genuine joyful photos. Trust your photographer's guidance and let the love between you two shine through. 


Out of life’s beautiful moments, pregnancy stands as an extraordinary chapter. It is a journey marked by love, connection and the joyful anticipation of becoming parents together. And within this remarkable journey lies the art of capturing it through a couple maternity photoshoot. 

Through these couple maternity photos, we freeze time and encapsulate the essence of this magical phase. We preserve not just the growing baby bump, but also the emotions, bonds and dreams that come with it. These photos will capture the love story that brought you together and the shared excitement propelling you forward into parenthood. 

From the gentle touch of hands on the belly, to playful maternity poses and serene sunsets, each shot reflects a unique facet of your love and anticipation. In the hustle and bustle of life, these photographs will forever serve as a poignant reminder of your pregnancy journey and love for each other. The photographs will become treasures to share with your child one day, allowing them to witness the beginning of their journey in a world filled with love and wonder. 

So, as you embark on the adventure of parenthood, remember to celebrate the beauty of pregnancy, relish each moment, and capture them through the lens with the help of this Maternity Photography Posing Guide.

cute couple maternity photos

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