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One of the most life changing moments in life is bringing home your new baby and becoming a parent. Your whole world turns upside down and will never look the same again. You have this tiny little person, who relies on you for everything. There is so much excitement and anticipation. You can finally see what they look like, you are getting to know them and their temperament and of course the cuteness overload. From their tiny fingers and toes to the little sounds they make and hilarious expressions. They are everything you dreamed of and more. It is going to go by in a flash and before you know it they will have completely changed right before your eyes. One of the best ways to capture these precious moments is through newborn photography. When is the best time to schedule your in-home newborn baby photoshoot? In this post, I will explore the ideal time to schedule in your newborn photoshoot and offer some tips on how to prepare for a successful and enjoyable session.

Timing is everything

The best time to schedule your newborn photoshoot Sydney is within the first two weeks of your baby’s life. During this time, your baby is still in that sleepy curled up state that makes for the perfect cuddly shots. After the first 2-3 weeks of your baby being born, they will start to wake up and it is much harder to capture those typical sleepy newborn photos.

Other reasons why the first two weeks are best include that your baby is less likely to experience colic or other discomforts and typically baby acne will only start after this period also.

newborn photography Sydney

One of the main reasons to capture your baby early is that they really do change so quickly. From their wrinkly skin to their little faces, they are growing and changing at such a fast rate. They will never be this small again and it really is the most ideal time to capture your newborn baby.

What if I missed capturing my baby in the first two weeks? Can I get newborn photographs at 3 weeks old? Can I get newborn photographs at 4 weeks old? Can I get newborn photographs at 6 weeks old? Can I get newborn photographs at 3 months old?

The short answer is yes! I have captured newborns at all of these ages and all the photographs have turned out magnificent! Sometimes, it is harder to capture the baby asleep or we have to work harder to get them to sleep at these older ages, but the photos are still really gorgeous.

Older newborns are less curled up and less sleepy, which means we just capture this different stage they are at. We may get more awake shots than we would have earlier on, but babies at this age have filled out their little bodies a bit more and are super cute! By 3 months we may even capture a few smiles.

As a natural newborn photographer Sydney, I will follow your babies lead when posing them during the shoot. If they don’t want to curl up, we will let them stretch their little arms and capture that instead. Maybe they are more comfortable on your chest, perfect, lets capture that! I am very much baby led and I know that I will capture these special memories for you no matter the age of your baby.

Take Advantage of Awake Time

Not all newborns want to sleep and that is totally fine! I will help you to wrap and settle your baby to sleep, but sometimes I will meet a baby who just want to be awake. I will take advantage of this alert and awake time and capture their big eyes staring up at you or into the camera. This awake time really does make for some great shots! My favourite shot is as they get tired and start yawning. Nothing is quite like capturing the yawn of a newborn.

Newborn photography Sydney

Plan for Feeding and Naps

As you know, a newborns schedule is eat, sleep, eat sleep. I always encourage my clients to feed their baby just before I arrive. We don’t want to capture a fussy or crying baby. I recommend making sure they have a big feed and a good sleep before I arrive. This will help ensure they are content and relaxed during the photoshoot. If you cant line up your babies feed before the newborn photoshoot, that is also fine! There is plenty of time to feed your baby during the relaxed newborn session.

Create a Comfortable Environment

Newborns are sensitive to their environment, so its important to create a comfortable and cosy space for your newborn photoshoot Sydney. This includes keeping the room warm and quiet. I will bring with white noise to play during your photoshoot but I highly recommend turning on a heater during the cooler months as it will help keep your baby settled and comfortable.

Keep it Simple

When it comes to newborn photography Sydney, less is often more. You don’t need a lot of props or elaborate setups to create beautiful photos. In fact, simple and natural is often best as it allows the focus to stay on your baby.

Finally, remember to relax and enjoy your newborn photography experience. It is as much about the experience and memories you make at the photoshoot as it is about the photos themselves. Be present and enjoy the time spent quietly in your home with your new family.

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