This year my calendar is full with maternity photoshoot bookings. So many people want to document this special time in their lives. If you are sitting on the fence, and unsure whether to capture this special time in your life, I suggest you continue reading. There is a myriad of reasons why I recommend capturing maternity photos. Here are a few of the reasons I truly believe this milestone should be documented forever.

Maternity photos capture the anticipation and excitement of welcoming a new life into the world. They will always remind you of this journey and will forever be a trigger into stories you about this time you can retell to your child as they grow up. It may be the story about how you found out you were pregnant, or how much you truly wanted them. Maybe it is the story about how they kicked you all night long and kept you awake or about how much you loved preparing for their arrival. Whatever your story is, it deserves to be retold and remembered.

Maternity Photography Sydney

One of the biggest reasons to capture your pregnancy through photography is to have a visual record of this time in your life. Pregnancy is so fleeting. Before you know it, your baby will have arrived, and the memories of your pregnancy body and all the anticipation and excitement will have faded. A maternity photo shoot Sydney will allow you to always revisit these emotions and feelings so that you can remember the unique experience of your pregnancy long after it is over.

Having a baby creates a surge of love and emotions which is quickly followed by exhaustion, a new identity and so much more. A maternity and newborn photography session will allow you the space to pause… slow down and see each moment separately. To feel the love in that moment and not stress about what is ahead. To be present in the moment. To focus on your body and your baby and your growing family. How precious an opportunity a maternity shoot really is.

By hiring a pregnancy photographer Sydney, you are recording these memories to revisit them time and time again. As the years flow by, the photographs will be there to come back to and relive this time in your life. To transport you back to feel the feelings you feel right now. To remember the little things, you will have long forgotten. Whilst these photographs are an investment now, they will truly be worth it in 10, 20 or even 30 years from now.

Maternity Photography Sydney

Another reason to get maternity photos is to celebrate the beauty of pregnancy. Whilst many women may feel self-conscious as their bodies change during their pregnancy, a professional pregnancy photographer will capture the extraordinary beauty of the maternal body. The final results will help you to see the beauty in the changes your body has gone through. A good photographer will pose, position, and guide you throughout the shoot into comfortable positions and flattering poses. This will grow your confidence and help you to tap into the immense miracle of your pregnancy. These photographs will also serve as a reminder of the strength and resilience of the female body.

Maternity photos are a great way to bond with your partner and baby! You can include your partner, other children and even pets in these photos!

Lastly, maternity photos are a great way to document your journey as a mother. They will be a constant reminder of the unwavering love, sacrifice and strength it takes to bring a new life into the world. Maternity photos are as much for you as they are for your child. When they look at these photos, they will always know that the love for them existed long before they were conceived and is infinite in its nature.

Maternity Photography Sydney

In conclusion, maternity photos are the perfect way to document one of the most special times in a woman’s life. They will serve as a lasting reminder of the miracle of pregnancy and the bond that exists between a mother and child. They will celebrate beauty, allow you to bond with your baby and partner and allow you the time to pause and tap into the moment and miracle of pregnancy in a way you haven’t yet. Finally, they will document your journey into motherhood and allow you to revisit these feelings long after they are over.

If you would like to capture this special time - click here to find out more!

Maternity Photography Sydney

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