Ultimate photography guide to your newborn baby’s first year

Capture the memories 

Everyone says that first year fly’s by so fast. I try my very best to embrace every moment. From early mornings to sleepless nights, runny noses to cutting teeth, all the tears and the laughter. For me it is so important to carry my camera around with me and document all those little in between moments. When I photograph your family whether it is in a Newborn Sydney Photography Session or in a Baby Photography Session, I use the knowledge I have of what I treasure the most as a mother to capture these most precious moments.  

Why capture these ever so fleeting moments?  

I like to believe that my boys will look back at these photographs smiling at the love and their warm childhood. I imagine us flicking through photographs reminiscing about times gone by and all the stories and adventures we had. Maybe it is because my husband and I already look back on them so fondly. Each memory fills us with love and joy at the memories and life we have created for ourselves.
Capturing meaningful photographs that will have this effect is important to me. I thought I would share a few of my tips with you!
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1. Angles, angles and angles! 

Get up and down and move around. Don’t be scared to move your body down to the ground of up above your baby to capture their cuteness from a different angle.  

2. Be camera ready 

A babies first year is filled with so many smiles, giggles and firsts. Be camera ready to capture all of these moments. Download them, store them safely, so that you can create a keepsake for your baby to look back on when they get older.
As mums we tend to always be behind the camera. I write this as much for myself as I do for you. Our children want to grow up and see us in the photos too. They want to see our love, bonds and connections we share. Hire a professional photographer at least once in your babies first year to capture their special bonds and relationships with you. It is a priceless investment to have a Newborn Sydney Photography Session or Baby Photography Session that you can cherish forever.  Click here to find out more. 

4. Position your baby near a window or light  

After your baby, light is the most important component of a great photo. Take a walk around your house and look for the brightest windows and other well lit places. Position your backs to a window. Angle the camera directly into the window and you will capture a moody photograph with contrast and silhouette style images. Next position your subjects side on. Stand next to the window you will get a perfectly lit little face. Both make for beautiful photographs!  

5. Use meaningful blankets and textures in your photographs 

Whether it is textured linen you have on your bed or handmade blanket or little wrap, use textures to add life to the photo. Meaningful items are always nice to photograph too! 

6. Capture the tiniest, chubbiest and grubbiest of details 

Babies grow and change so fast, don’t forget to record their little hands and feet, tufts of hair, wrinkles and chubby rolls.  Use close ups and cropping to achieve beautiful results.

7. Don’t make every photo perfect 

The best photos to look back on are the ones that remind us what everyday life with a baby is really like. Since every mum and dad will agree that it is that dirty face, the first mischievous mess or the mountains of unfolded laundry that are the best parts of the story. Capture these moments so that you can look back on them and laugh. So I encourage you to capture your reality for what it is!

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