When I am contacted to capture natural family Photos I am always asked how I will get kids to cooperate. Well… the answer is simple really. I am a natural family photographer which means that we just have lots of fun!

Yes, I will position your children so that we are optimising the light and the beautiful scenery BUT once they are in the right spot we play games, we tickle, we run around and have fun so that we can bring out their true personality. After all, isn’t that why you want to capture this special time in their lives in the first place?

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your Sydney Family Portraits:

1.       Be positive!
Children are amazing at sensing our energy. If you are nervous or reluctant to be in the photographs, they will pick up on that too. Try be positive and talk to them about how much fun they are going to have. I am always happy to be their new best friend (I give out way too many high fives during family photoshoots!)

2.       Let your children be themselves

Don’t pre-condition your children on how you would like them to behave during the family portrait photoshoot. Let them explore, discovery and laugh till their belly hurts. I want you to smile every time you see their photo hanging on your wall.

3.       Bring with Snacks and little treat

Sometimes a little motivation and full belly goes a long way. Just remember to bring with snacks and treats that aren’t messy e.g. crackers

4.       Timing

As a Sydney Family portraits photographer, family photos are best done around golden hour which is the hour leading up to sunset. In winter this is around 3-4pm and in Summer it can get very late around 7pm. We want your children to be as happy as possible at your family photoshoot so if you know your children will struggle with a later session, rather book your photoshoot in Winter, Autumn or Spring. Make sure your child/children are well rested before your session and if it is near dinner time, give them dinner before your family portraits.

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